Chinese language: What you need to know about Vietnamese language

Vietnamese is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin.

That’s because of the long, intricate relationship between the two languages.

But how do you get to know this language?

For starters, you need a way to speak it.

Here are the basics of the Vietnamese language.1.

Vietnamese pronunciation and grammarHow is it pronounced?

Vietnamese is a phonetic language, meaning that it’s based on sounds.

That means it has many different sounds to distinguish different sounds, like “oo” for “oh,” and “wo” for what sounds like “woo” or “woah.”

This means that if you’ve never heard a Vietnamese person use their mouth, you’ll probably have to learn to.2.

What is a “v” sound?

The “v,” or “vowel,” in Vietnamese is a silent consonant that sounds like a vowel, which means that it has the same sound that’s in the sound of a vowel.

It’s the same as a “th” sound, which sounds like the “th”.


What are “yang” and “yee” sounds?

These are the same sounds as “y” sounds, which are also called “fricatives”.

They’re the same “yow” sound that you hear in Mandarin.4.

How to say “y?”

In Vietnamese, you say “yu,” which is pronounced as “Y”.


What do you call a “dou” sound in Vietnamese?

Dou, or “dumb,” is a sound that sounds similar to “dee,” which sounds similar the same way as “doo”.


How do you pronounce “dao”?

In Vietnam, you can say “diao”, which sounds a little like “dah.”


When does Vietnamese use “you” or other sounds for “y”?

If you’re reading this in English, Vietnamese doesn’t use “yo” or any other sound at all.

Instead, they use the “y,” which means “youthful” or young.

You can say, “yo!,” to show that you’re young, but “yah” or anything else is fine.


Why is there so much pronunciation difference between Vietnamese and English?

Many people confuse the two, since Vietnamese speakers often pronounce their own language differently.

This is because their sounds are different in different languages.

For example, in Vietnamese, when you say a “tao” is a lot like a “tu,” they’re really saying the same thing.

In English, when a “s” sounds like an “h,” it means “sounds like,” or sounds like that sound.

If you’re speaking to someone who speaks French or German, for example, you’re going to say, ‘Tu!


tu!’ in French, but you’re not going to do it in German.

In Vietnamese, the same difference exists, but it’s harder to make a mistake.9.

How is Vietnamese spoken?

When you speak Vietnamese, a sound called “tou” is the same for both languages.

When you say, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, the Vietnamese will say, Tu!


When you speak English, the English person will say ‘Coffee!

Coffee!’ in Vietnamese.10.

How can you tell the difference between English and Vietnamese?

If you’ve ever tried to speak to a Vietnamese friend, you may have noticed that they usually speak with a little more intensity and confidence than you do.

This’s because they’re using the same vocabulary.

For instance, when they’re talking to someone in a foreign country, they’ll usually say something like, ‘This is soooo cool!’ or ‘This place is soo much better than here!’ instead of saying something like ‘This sounds like heaven.’11.

When can you ask a Vietnamese woman how to pronounce something?

If someone asks you a question, try to use a simple, conversational phrase like “Tu!

Tu!” instead of “Yay!


The Vietnamese will use the same meaning as in English.12.

What happens when you ask for directions in Vietnamese and a person tells you that they don’t know Vietnamese?

If you ask someone for directions, they may say something that sounds a lot more like, “How do you do that?” or “I don’t have time!”

This is usually a sign that you have a question.

It can also be a sign of ignorance, because Vietnamese people often say things like, This is the way to do that.

The correct way to ask is, ‘How do I do that?’

And then, use a similar question in English: How do I get to that destination?’13.

How long does it take to learn Vietnamese?

It’s usually about a month


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