How to talk about your religion in an official setting

I spent some time over the weekend trying to explain to the gullah people of Guyana why I’m here.

When I first got here, I didn’t understand why people were protesting the coronavirus pandemic.

I thought I’d made an honest mistake when I came to Guyana and I had no idea why people would be protesting.

I’ve been to countries that are very far away and the government doesn’t know much about the people who live there.

So I was really disappointed to find that they didn’t care.

They didn’t think that we had anything to offer.

I’m sure they do now.

But there are people in Guyana who don’t know how to talk to me, I think.

So my message to the people of the world is this: We have nothing to offer you, Guyana.

You are in the midst of a very hard time and we have been there before.

We have no idea what will happen in a few years.

We just want to know that you’re safe.

I was in a room with a minister and he was telling us that the country is in the middle of a crisis, and he asked me what I thought about the coronacovirus pandemics.

He asked me if I thought we were going to be the first country to collapse because of this.

And I said, no.

But the minister was very angry.

And he said, “It’s going to happen in Guyanas, you know.”

He told us, “You have to come out here, you have to get your ass in the mud, you’ve got to fight.”

So I said to him, “What are you saying?

Do you think that the government is going to let us go?

Because if it’s going, then what is it going to do for us?”

He said, I don’t think so.

We’ve been here before.

It’s just that now we have to do it ourselves.

So, it’s not that I don of the greek language, it is that I’m not a native speaker of the language.

We don’t have a native language.

But we don’t need to be speaking it, and that’s what this is about.

If we speak the language, we can understand it.

But to be able to understand a language, and then to be part of the decision making process that is going on, we don, need to speak it.

If you don’t speak it, you can’t even read it.

And to me this is a really important message.

So that’s my message: Don’t be afraid.

Don’t let people say that you don of no right to be here.

I don,t think that that is possible.

We, have been here a long time, we have lots of people here.

They are like family.

They love us and they love us.

I think that if we can talk to them, they will understand.

I am here to help them, to show them the way.

If I can, I’m going to come to them and I am going to help you.

I hope that if they come to me and they can see that we are here, they can understand that.

Thank you.

Thank your host.

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