Which language is spoken in the Middle East?

With the rise of the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, Arabic has become the most commonly spoken language in the region, and the United Nations says the number of speakers in the area has increased by more than 70% in the past decade.

In Iraq, the rate of Arabic speakers is now around 35%.

The number of people who speak it has also risen dramatically: The total number of Arabic-speaking Iraqis in Syria has more than doubled, from just under 20 million to nearly 50 million, while in Iraq, it has nearly tripled to more than 500 million.

While the rise in Arabic-speakers has been accompanied by a rapid rise in the number and types of crimes committed in the country, the number also reflects the growing influence of the Arabic language in society.

Arabic has been increasingly popular in the last few years among youth, and as it has been growing more popular among those younger than 35, the problem of hate speech and online bullying has been particularly acute.

In 2014, a study published in the journal Human Rights Watch found that Arabic-language news was the most frequently reported language used in the Arabic-medium country of Bahrain, and was the second most frequently used language in a survey of Iraqi citizens.

A similar study published last year in the same journal found that the prevalence of violent extremism in the Iraqi language was at a record high.

While some countries are taking steps to counter the growing popularity of Arabic, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, many of these efforts have been limited by the lack of legal protections for Arabic speakers in certain circumstances.

As such, the U.S. has been the primary focus of the push to include Arabic in the United States’ national security strategy, which has included a call to include the language in U.N. and national security councils.

The U.K. recently released its national security plan, which included an update to the United Kingdom’s existing language laws to include “Arabic as the official language of the United Kingdoms, with a view to creating a new and inclusive national security environment.”

And, last year, a U.G. government report on the role of Arabic in promoting peace and democracy found that, at the national level, Arabic is the second language spoken by more people than any other language.

In 2017, the United Arab Emirates adopted a law requiring citizens to use Arabic to enter the country.

While the law was widely hailed by advocates of the language, there were some concerns about whether the language was inclusive enough to reflect the diverse communities in the UAE.

The language has also become an issue in a number of other countries.

In June, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia all agreed to a joint statement calling for the legal recognition of Arabic as the country’s official language.

A week later, the government of Qatar adopted a similar policy, including an announcement to include in the national language of Qatar the language that is commonly spoken in that country.

In the past, the international community has attempted to work with the U, A, and P languages to help promote language education.

However, the push for the inclusion of Arabic into U.

Ns. language plans has received some pushback from some of the languages’ most vocal supporters.

The Arabic language, for example, has been a contentious issue in some countries, including Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan.


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