The Football Italian podcast: “The Linguist”

In our latest podcast, we speak with an expert linguist who shares his research on the most influential and expressive language in the world. 

“The Lancer” is a podcast that explores linguistic evolution and linguistic usage in the modern world.

It is hosted by Giovanni Raggi, who was a professor at the University of Cremona and has been teaching linguistics since 1986.

RaggI has studied the evolution of the modern language with a special interest in the use of the French language.

He has published many papers and published two books: Linguistics and the Evolution of Modern English.

The Lancer is an interesting project that is very challenging to get right, because it has to be very sensitive to the way we talk in the past.

You have to understand the past, because you are talking about the language that is the ancestor of all other languages, and you have to think about what language was the ancestor.

So the linguists we talk to are very aware of that and very aware that there is a long history of evolution of language.

I find that really interesting.

I like to talk about how languages evolved, and they are not all the same, so you have a lot of differences.

Riggs is one of those people.

We are going to be talking with him for a long time. 

We will talk about the evolution and the evolution in language of the English language.

We will also talk about French, Italian, German, Germanic, Italianic, the dialects, and the differences in the dialect of these languages.

There are a lot to talk to you about.

RGG: You have a PhD in linguistics from Cremono, where you taught at the university.

Are you a linguist in the sense that you have worked in linguists’ labs and you are teaching linguists?

RAGI: Yes, I am.

I have a Master of Arts in linguisty from Cremeno.

It was not a long-term research project.

It started at the end of the 1960s. 

RGG: How long did you spend at Cremonobre?

RIGG: I spent about four years there.

RAGG: There was a very good research institute there.

It became my academic home.

RIGL: I worked there from the beginning.

I was the head of the department, and I worked at the institute.

It lasted three years.

RGGGG: So it was a good learning experience.

RGA: Yes.

Rggi: It was a wonderful research institute.

RUGG: It had a very interesting academic atmosphere, because I learned a lot from my colleagues.

Raglio: Yes yes, it was an amazing environment.

Roggi: We were all very happy there. 

You have a very clear, clear, precise sense of what you want to say, and then you can write down what you say. 

That was the most important thing. 

And I think you were very clear about your research. RGI: Yes! 

And so it is not difficult to learn from other people.

I think that is why you can get great results.

RPG: I know that from my students.

REGL: Yeah. 

It is very easy to work with someone who is very clear and precise about what they want to write. 

I know that because my students also were very keen to learn. 

RGGI: Well, the most difficult thing for me was working with people who were very technical, and very strict about what their paper had to say.

I didn’t like that, because we had to be clear about what we wanted to say about the research.

It wasn’t that hard. 

My students are very good at being precise, because they have very clear ideas about what to say and how to say it.

RGH: But what do you feel?

RGGL: The most difficult part was to learn what you wanted to write about.

I remember very well when I was at Cremenobre, I had an excellent teaching assistant, Gianni, who taught me the French alphabet.

He had studied the languages of Cremenóre and Cremoné, and he knew the vocabulary of those languages.

I thought he was very good, because he was so clear. 

But he was also very difficult.

He was very demanding, and it was very hard to get him to say anything that was not exactly right. 

So I found it difficult to do the research that I wanted to do. 

Then, when I did the research, I wanted a lot more precise answers.

ROGG: Exactly.

Rghl: And I didn


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