Which language is your favorite in Poland?

Poland, an island nation on the Baltic Sea, is famous for its medieval castles and its vibrant culture.

But the country also has a history of political instability, and the country’s most recent elections were marred by fraud.

The country’s President Andrzej Duda is a controversial figure who has a habit of getting his way.

On the campaign trail, Duda frequently blamed the Polish people for the countrys problems, and even called for the murder of a number of dissidents.

This week, the Polish-language media outlet Tisza published an article in which they revealed that Duda has a deep hatred for the Polish language. 

It’s one thing for someone to have a deep disdain for the language, but it’s quite another for a president to use the language in such a derogatory way. 

The Tiszi article included a quote from a political leader, who said, “The only way to survive is to destroy the language.” 

Duda has repeatedly accused the Polish People’s Party of being behind the assassination of two prominent writers in the Polish press, and has also criticized the country for its “anti-Semitic” laws.

It is unclear what kind of connection Duda holds to the Polish Communist Party, but the president has also expressed support for the right-wing Polish nationalist party. 

A number of countries in the European Union have passed laws banning the use of the Polish alphabet.

Poland, however, is the only country that does not have a formal alphabet.

This lack of formalization has led to many people, including the Polish president, using the language as a shorthand.

The president also has been accused of trying to use his authority to impose his will on the language.


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