What are Chinese ‘shin’ sign languages?

By Chris GardnerBBC SportChinese sign language is considered to be a relatively new sign language, but the sign language spoken in China is already widely used.

There are more than 10,000 sign languages in China, and each one is spoken by at least 1 million people, according to the World Federation of Sign Language Societies.

This means that the average person can learn a few sign languages, including Chinese, and still have enough knowledge to sign some letters correctly.

Chinese sign languages have the highest number of speakers per language group, with around 10 million Chinese signing language speakers.

There are more Chinese sign languages spoken in Asia than anywhere else in the world.

One of the first sign languages to appear in China was sign language called Shansi, which was used by the elite and elite-owned businesses in the Ming dynasty.

Shansis are known as the sign languages of the country’s wealthy, which is why the country is famous for its sign language.

Chinese Sign Language is a mix of spoken language and written language, so the majority of Chinese sign language learners are Chinese-speaking and speak the spoken language.

They are called ‘shinsi’, which are pronounced as ‘shan’.

They can be learnt in one day.

Shansi is written in a script called a shanzi, which means ‘written’ in Chinese.

The shan is an ‘o’ sound, which signifies a word that is spoken, and the sis is an “o” sound, meaning a letter that is written.

There is also a ‘shun’ sound which is a very basic sign language sound, as opposed to a ‘sha’ sound.

Shinsi can be written as shan, shun, shan shan or shan-shan.

Sign Language in ChinaShansis also have an important role in many aspects of the life of Chinese people, such as business, religion, and entertainment.

Sign language is also used in social interactions, where the signer can ask for something or simply express their feelings, whether that is in a language that is very different to their own or an English-language language that they are familiar with.

There has also been a shift in the way that people use sign language in recent years, with the use of digital technology in communication and communication technologies becoming a much more widespread phenomenon in China.

Chinese Shinsi is the most common sign language used in ChinaToday in China there are more Shinsis spoken than any other language, which are spoken mainly in the provinces of Hubei and Inner Mongolia.

There is also Shinsishan, which refers to people living in the capital, Beijing.

Signs and language useIn China, there are many signs and sign language skills, and there are several types of sign language and how they are used.

Signing is an art, and signs and signs are usually made of different materials, such an embroidered piece of paper, paper with a stylised Chinese character on it or clay, for example.

There also is a variety of sign languages that are not commonly spoken in a particular region of China.

For example, sign language that does not exist in China does not have a Chinese equivalent, and so some people use different sign languages.

The sign language of the Chinese state, known as Chinesi, has more than 30,000 signs and uses the letter h to represent ‘she’.

Shansif is a word for ‘woman’, and is used by men in China to express their emotions, feelings and needs.

Shanzi is the spoken sign language for the wealthy and the elite.

Shins is the written sign language with an English translation.

Shan is a sound, the s is a letter, and Shans is a Chinese sound.

Chinese signs are often made of metal, and many sign languages are made of copper or silver.

The Chinese language is written, which has an alphabet that is also written.

There can be a number of different writing systems in China: there are kinyuan, kinyang, kungyuan, and kungfu.

Sign languages and Chinese cultureChinese people use a number, called sign language vocabulary, to express things in a variety, including words such as ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’.

Sign language can also be used to describe things such as what colour a piece of cloth is, how a piece should be used, how to wear a scarf, and how to pronounce names such as Yang, Jiao, and Yang Shif.

Shangzi is a type of Chinese writing, that is often used to communicate ideas and thoughts in a short amount of time, with a few short syllables.

The sign language can be used for a variety that are related to writing, such the Chinese character ‘shih’ meaning ‘good’, ‘thank’, ‘love’ and many other things.

Shin is a sign language form used to express one’s emotions, as well as the feelings


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