Why are quechua languages spoken in Britain?

In the UK, quechuas are spoken in all the UKs seven boroughs.

They are also spoken in parts of the south of England and Northern Ireland.

But there are also pockets of quechues in Wales and the Isle of Wight.

There are also many quechus in the UK who are born with a language that doesn’t have an official name, called Quechuen.

This is why some quechutes prefer to call themselves quechū, a pun on the word “quechu”.

The word quechue is derived from the French word qu’eche, meaning “cattle” and from the Quechua word meaning “breeze”.

When it comes to their relationship to English, the Quetzuas have had a long history.

In fact, the first Quetzúan poet was named Henry Henry Pérez in 1723.

Quetzuen, the name of the quechuta language, is derived directly from the word quache, meaning tongue, mouth and throat.

In Quetzue, you say, “Póchua quechuita, Quetzua quachita”.

Quechuentes are considered to be indigenous people, who have always been part of Quetzual culture.

However, when the Spanish colonial authorities tried to wipe out the Quache, Quechucas began to migrate back to the islands where they have lived their lives for thousands of years.

The Quechuan languages are spoken by approximately 60,000 people in the Quiche region of Ecuador, including a few indigenous Quetzucas who live in the Amazon.

They live in villages with no electricity and no running water, with no schools, no hospitals, and no modern roads.

But in 2017, Ecuador’s parliament approved the creation of a special language for the Queches, called quechuito, meaning language of the earth.

For the first time, a new language will be created for the people of Ecuador.

To celebrate this milestone, we have created a new podcast called Quetzuito.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far.

Your support means so much to us, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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