Chinese language signs are the new Chinese language signs

Chinese speakers in the United States may soon have to learn Mandarin.

Chinese has a history as a language that’s both an ethnic and a dialect.

Its first language, Chinese, was spoken in ancient China as early as 800 B.C. The Mandarin language, spoken in mainland China since the Ming dynasty, is spoken today.

A study of Chinese language spoken in the U.S. shows that about 4 million people have Chinese as a second language, while about 6 million people are fluent in English.

That’s up from 2.2 million in 2014.

So what does that mean for the future of the Chinese language?

It’s important to note that Mandarin is a very rich language.

As linguists, we try to understand what language is being used by people in order to understand how they communicate with each other, what their needs are, what they want to communicate with, and so forth.

In the case of Chinese, we have a number of dialects.

Each of those dialects has its own dialect, its own grammar, its very rich grammar, and is the result of the interaction between the people who have that dialect.

So the language is very rich.

It has all the richness of Chinese.

So if we want to create a language, we want it to be very rich and very rich, and that’s why the Chinese are very rich in terms of both its dialects and its grammar.

When Chinese speakers are exposed to Chinese dialects, they learn to communicate better in that language.

So that helps them to get along with other people in that group, to learn how to communicate, and to communicate more effectively.

But they also learn to speak Chinese better when they learn Mandarin, which means that Chinese language is not just a way to talk to people.

If you can’t speak Chinese, then you have a lot of problems, because you are a foreigner.

You have to speak in Chinese.

For instance, you have to know what words are used.

So, you would have to be fluent in Mandarin to understand these words.

I know a lot about Mandarin because I speak Chinese.

And that’s the language I learned when I was in Taiwan, but I didn’t speak Mandarin when I came here.

And I also learned Mandarin when, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I went to China and I started speaking Mandarin.

And I think that’s also the case for people in the country, because if they don’t speak in Mandarin, then they can’t communicate well.

One of the big challenges of the language for Chinese people is to learn the grammar of the way that they speak.

Because they have a very dense grammar, they are able to learn words that are very difficult to learn in the native language.

And so if you speak Chinese fluently, you can learn these words, but then when you try to use them, you still can’t understand them, so you have trouble with them.

Another big challenge for Chinese is that the grammar is so complex, because so many words are just used so often.

You don’t know what they mean.

You can’t really figure out what they are, or how to explain them, or to use a lot in a sentence, because there are so many things that need to be explained.

We need to figure out how to make the language more accessible, so that we can understand the way in which the people in China use the language, so we can communicate better.

What I think is happening with Mandarin is that a lot is happening.

And it’s not just in the mainland, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and in other countries, China has this kind of a success story, and the Chinese government is taking it seriously.

It doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down.

China is a country of 20 million people, and it has a language-learning gap.

People who are fluent only in Mandarin are still having a hard time learning Mandarin in the first place.

This is why the government has been working to create an “Escape Language” program.

There are about 10,000 students in the program, and they are getting their first English language language classes.

They are getting Mandarin lessons as well.

It’s not a very popular way of learning, but it is a way of getting Mandarin.

So it’s a very big achievement.

Now, there is another big problem with the Chinese Language: Chinese is a big language.

There are about 20 million Chinese speakers in America, and there are about 6.5 million Mandarin speakers in China.

At some point, there will be a huge drop in Chinese speakers and Chinese speakers will just disappear, and Mandarin will be the new native language of China. 

It’s going to be hard for Mandarin to retain its status as the official language of the country.


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