When You See This, You Can Tell That This Is A Nigerian Language

Nigeria is home to some of the world’s most diverse languages.

The country has a rich, complex and multi-ethnic linguistic history that stretches back to pre-colonial times.

Yet, for many people in Nigeria, the language they use to communicate is not one they know, and many are worried about being labelled as a native language. 

In Nigeria, there are some 3,000 official languages, and some 6,000 unofficial languages, with about 5 million people using some form of these languages.

The language of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is known as Tagalog, which means ‘language of the country’ in Tagalog.

This is an umbrella term used to include various languages, including Tigrinya, the Bantu language, Baka, the Oromo language and Nyanja.

In his inaugural address, Buharian called for the creation of an official language of Nigeria, which he described as a ‘third language’ after the Bawalas and Wolofs.

“Nigeria is an extraordinary country and one that is changing rapidly,” he said.

“We will not be satisfied until all Nigerians can speak English, Bantulu and Tagalog as their native languages.”

According to the Nigerian Language Council, there is no official government language in Nigeria and only about 400 people have a formal degree in Tagala. 

“The problem of being labelled a native tongue is that the vast majority of people are illiterate,” said Mr Zayd.

“People don’t understand why we’re not talking about our culture, why we are not talking to each other.”

Mr Zaydo, who is also the chairman of the Nigerian Society of the World’s Languages, said the government needed to do more to promote and promote Tagalog and other languages in Nigeria.

“I think the government should take a holistic view and promote the use of these different languages in a way that respects the culture of the nation,” he added.

“The government should also encourage the creation and support of local languages, which in turn would help preserve the cultural diversity of the whole country.”

Nigerian language advocates say it is crucial to preserve the diversity of language across Nigeria and promote it throughout the country.

“There is a great deal of misinformation about Nigeria’s language and we need to be careful of that,” Mr Zaidoo said.

The NLSAC is working to ensure that the language of the people is the language that is spoken by those in power.

Mr Zaidoos comments come amid an international debate over whether or not the UK should adopt Tagalog or not, as some people see the use by British people of Tagalog in their native language as racist.


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