Star Wars: The droid is back! Can Luke Skywalker make it through this epic adventure without the help of his droid companion?

We’ve seen the first trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but now we can finally reveal what it will reveal about the characters, their storylines, and the world they’re living in.

The first official trailer for the upcoming sequel to the Star Wars saga debuted on Monday at the LA Film Festival, and it looks very much like the first one we saw back in December.

The video, which you can watch above, features a young Luke Skywalker riding on a spaceship in a galaxy far, far away, and we can see him in the trailer.

We can also see Luke, Han, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 riding together.

The trailer starts off with a young Han Solo, played by Oscar Isaac, saying goodbye to a group of stormtroopers.

It’s only a few seconds in, but it’s a pretty exciting moment.

Han says goodbye to his dad, who’s also playing a role in the film.

Han is the father of Luke Skywalker, the character played by Adam Driver, and he is the new leader of the Rebellion.

He says goodbye and then we hear the familiar “Doorstep” music, which sounds a lot like the music from the opening scenes of the original Star Wars.

We’re seeing a lot of familiar faces, so we’ll see Luke Skywalker and his team again in Episode VII, according to the trailer: We see Luke and his friends and family together again in this first trailer.

They’ll be back with Luke Skywalker as a part of the Resistance.

They’re back on the Rebel side of the war, but they’ll be fighting on a new side.

The film’s first trailer showed Han and Leia Organa, the daughter of Luke and Leia, flying a TIE fighter in the skies of Dagobah, a planet that’s not part of their home planet of Alderaan.

The TIE fighters will play a big part in the plot of Episode VII.

In the trailer, we see a young girl named Leia who’s looking forward to getting back to the Jedi temple on Yavin 4, the home planet where Luke and Han were last seen.

She is accompanied by her brother, R2, and his friend, C-3PO.

We also see a new character called R2Biggs, played in the first Star Wars film by the great Mark Hamill.

He will be the star of the new film, but he won’t be a part-time Jedi, and instead will be a member of the Star Destroyer, a starship that will be used to travel between planets in the galaxy.

We see Leia and R3-PO flying through a galaxy in which the Republic has been under attack, with a large number of Republic fighters and heavy-weapons firing on the rebels.

We hear the iconic sound of the Millennium Falcon, which has been used in previous Star Wars movies and the first two Star Wars TV series, as the ship’s main engines start to roar.

Leia’s father, Grand Moff Tarkin, is also seen in the new trailer.

Tarkin is the first of several characters in the Star War universe to be introduced in the movie.

We first meet Tarkin in the prequel trilogy, where he is an enemy of Leia.

Tarkan is an apprentice of Darth Vader and is the leader of a rebel force known as the Death Star.

The Rebel forces will be played by the likes of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, who both have been previously mentioned in the trailers.

Luke Skywalker’s father will also be introduced, as will Luke’s grandfather, Luke’s uncle, and Grand Moff Yoda.

The final trailer, which debuted back in February, has Luke and Princess Leia on a planet in space, where they’re trying to find a way home.

The planet is named Endor, and is being defended by the mysterious, ancient Rebel Alliance.

They have been trying to get there for a long time.

They are in the process of finding a way to escape this fortress.

In this trailer, Luke is the one to lead them, as they fly to the planet.

There are also several other interesting characters, including Admiral Ackbar, who is the head of the Rebel Alliance’s secret military.

He’s played by John Boyce, who played Admiral Ackburd in Star Wars Rebels.

Leia is accompanied on this trip by a female clone, named Chewbabe.

We’ve already seen some of the other new characters in previous trailers, including Yoda and Anakin Skywalker.

This trailer also introduces a new female character, Anakin’s niece, who will become a key part of his life as a Jedi.

She’s called Nyssa, and she’ll have her own arc as well.

The full trailer will be available on Dec. 18.

For more on the upcoming film, watch Recode’s “Inside The Star Wars” video below.


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