How the Philippines is becoming a hub for tech, even as the government tries to turn its focus away from the economy

Cambodia, the Philippines and Laos have become tech hubs, as well as hubs for commerce and finance, as the countries strive to turn their focus away, from their economies, from a chronic lack of skilled workers.

But there are some differences between the countries.

In Laos, it is not uncommon for locals to take on foreign jobs that are not recognized by the government.

In the Philippines, they tend to go into local businesses.

Laos has a growing tech scene, but it is still a small country and a country with a relatively low literacy rate, and it is hard to come by trained IT specialists in the Philippines.

In Cambodia, tech startups have popped up in the last decade or so, and many locals still don’t know how to use computers.

They can work out a workaround by having local IT employees help them.

In the Philippines the tech sector is slowly coming into being.

The country is trying to develop a tech ecosystem that will provide access to tech workers and local talent, and a business model that can attract foreign talent and help expand local industries.

There are also a lot of young professionals who are looking to get a foothold in the country’s tech industry.

Many young professionals are not tech-savvy, but they are trying to build their own tech companies and learn as much as they can.

They are also learning to become entrepreneurs.

These young entrepreneurs are often able to leverage their existing skills and make their way up the ranks in the industry.

The Philippines has also been able to attract talented foreign entrepreneurs through the Philippines Economic Development Agency.

The Philippines’ IT sector is growing and it has a good infrastructure, and now they are looking for talented people to help them get started.

The government has also set up a National Digital Strategy to help improve the quality of the Philippines’ digital services.

The government has set up an infrastructure to connect Filipinos with local technology experts to help build an industry that will benefit the economy.

The country also is hoping that by attracting foreign talent, it will help boost its economy and increase the number of people who can work in the tech industry in the future.

For example, it wants to hire 100,000 people to work in IT and finance in the next five years.

But the Philippines has to have a good tech sector, and there are still not enough people in the IT industry, so it is looking for new talent.

So there are many people in IT who are interested in getting into the country.

This story is part of our TechTech series.


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