Why you’re not hearing enough about STEM job training

The United States is still lagging behind countries like Canada, Japan and the U.K. when it comes to STEM training programs, according to a new report from Axios.

The analysis, conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, found that STEM training in the U .

S. was not seen as being on par with those in other developed nations, even as the country has become a leader in hiring the most skilled workers.

“We were surprised by the results.

We were surprised to see how low the quality of our training was,” said Jennifer J. Brown, the report’s lead author.”

It’s been a long time since we saw a U.S. system where the U of S. actually had a national level of STEM education.

There has been an erosion of that, particularly over the last several decades,” Brown said.

While STEM training has been on the rise, the number of Americans who have a bachelor’s degree has fallen over the past three decades, and the percentage of U. S. citizens with a STEM degree has dropped over the same period.

A decade ago, just over half of Americans had a bachelor of science degree.

Today, just under 30 percent do.

In Canada, which has been a leader for hiring the highest skilled workers in the world, the percentage with a bachelor is around 23 percent.

In the U , the report found that just under half of high school seniors have completed at least a bachelor degree, down from around 70 percent a decade ago.

The U. K. is the only advanced economy that has a national STEM curriculum, with nearly half of elementary schoolers in the country completing a bachelor or higher level of education.

In contrast, just 16 percent of high-schoolers in Australia and South Korea have completed a bachelor.

Despite this trend, U.s.

STEM training remains relatively underdeveloped compared to other countries, the study found.

For instance, only 29 percent of American high school students have completed an undergraduate degree, the lowest rate of any country surveyed.

Even the Us have a long way to go in the race to make up for the U s lackluster STEM performance.

“What we’re seeing in the United States right now is not the same level of investment that we’re talking about in Canada, or Japan or the U., or the other countries that have high-tech sectors,” said Brown.

The lack of investment has created a situation where the best workers are left behind, she added.

The study found that while high school graduates have a higher rate of college completion than their counterparts in other countries like Britain and Australia, the U and Canada do not compare to the U lags in the number and quality of STEM courses offered.

“While we have a large and growing number of high education institutions, we have not made any progress in attracting the best and brightest students to our schools, and that has left our high school graduation rate lagging far behind other countries,” said J. Bradford Deacon, an associate professor of education at the University at Buffalo.


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