The world’s fastest-growing language – the world’s most spoken

THAI, Thailand – When you’re young, you think you know everything, from how to cook and make the best soup, to the names of the mountains you’ll be visiting.

Then you grow up and realise that you’re still learning, and there are more to learn.

The world’s second-most spoken language is Thai.

It is spoken by roughly 20 million people in Thailand and neighbouring Laos, which are both countries of Thailand’s arch rival, Laos.

It is not a language you can learn at home – learning a few words is not possible.

However, it is a language that is easily learned by adults and children.

The Thai language is widely taught in schools and in the media.

This is what you need to know about Thai:What is the Thai language?

Thai is an Indo-European language that includes Thai, which means “throne”.

It was the language of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1913-1999), the founder of the Thai people and a major influence on modern Thailand.

He was also a major proponent of the “princeling” or “babang” (traditional name for a baby) system, where a mother and father would meet and give their names to their child.

The “bapak” system was used by King Bhumsayiporn Vatsyayana, the late king of Thailand and the last ruler of the country.

The bapak system is also known as the “tawang”, or the “cattle of the people”, and it is still used today.

In addition to the words used in the language, there are about 1,000 dialects.

The word “t” means “thing”, and there is also a suffix -e- to denote an ending.

The language is divided into two major dialects, Bapak and Nalak.

Bapak is the language spoken in the capital, Bangkok, which is in the south-east of the island nation.

It has about 8 million speakers and is the most popular of the two dialects in Thailand.

It’s also spoken in neighbouring Laos and Cambodia.

The Nalaks dialect is spoken in south-western Thailand and is spoken mainly by ethnic Chinese, who make up about 20% of the population.

They are also known for their strong accents, and many are bilingual.

There are also other dialects that have their own sounds and pronunciation, and which are spoken by many people in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

The Thai language has also gained popularity overseas.

In Britain, it has become a staple of British TV, with the likes of Mancunian drama series Baskets and the BBC’s EastEnders.

In France, it was adopted by the majority of French children aged three and up, and has gained popularity in other parts.

The language has even been adopted by French politicians in recent years, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Bilingualism is not restricted to just Thailand.

Chinese and Vietnamese also have their share of speakers.

Thai has been a very popular language in Indonesia and the Philippines, where they have an estimated 4.3 million speakers.

The Philippines is also home to the world-famous Phuket island, where the majority speak the language.

It has also been spoken in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia’s southernmost province, Sarawak.

It also has a strong influence in Cambodia, where its dialect is known as Phung, or “river of the earth”.

Thai also has many dialects and is considered one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

It was spoken by millions of people in Laos before it was separated from Vietnam in the early 1960s.

Thailand is a country of 6 million people, but its population is only about 5 million.

It borders Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Myanmar’s northern Shan state, and is also part of China.

Thats where youll find a large number of speakers of Thai.

Most of the world uses Thai in place of Chinese and English.

The two main groups of people that speak Thai are those who are fluent in Thai and those who have studied it.

Some Thai speakers in the west are bilingual, while others have learned Thai from a foreign language but not the one spoken in their own country.

In Australia, many people speak English as their mother tongue, while some speak Thai as their native language.

But most of us still speak Thai in our everyday conversations.

The first language spoken by humans on earth was a language spoken for centuries by Homo erectus, the first group of hominids to walk the Earth, around 3 million years ago.

It came to be called Thai because of its similarity to a language called Phra Thai.

Phra Thai was spoken in northern Thailand by the Chachapatong tribe who lived there before they migrated to the south.

It developed


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