The Lad is a Common Language

A linguist at the National Library of Wales, Dr Richard D’Arcy, has spent years studying the languages of the Lad tribe of Ladakh, which is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Lad, also known as the Lakota, are a nomadic people who live in a mountainous area of central Asia and are the largest ethnic group in North America.

In their traditional culture, the Lad is known for their singing, dancing and singing.

The language they speak is called the Lad.

The linguist told The Lad was a common language, because of the many languages spoken in the Lad language, known to the tribe as kutan.

A lot of people, particularly in the West, have heard about Ladakh from the movie and TV shows and in movies such as Lost in Space.

Dr D’Ary said that while he had spoken Ladakh to people for years, he was only able to identify a few of the words and the meaning behind them.

The words are different for different people and even for different tribes.

For instance, one word might mean to go, while another might mean a different thing.

Dr Richard said: “It’s a language that is very complex.

The word that we’re using is a compound word and it is quite difficult to explain.

It’s the most complex language on the planet and it’s spoken by a very small number of people.”

In order to understand the meaning of the word kutana, Dr D-Arcy and his colleagues used an analysis of Ladas’ words, grammar and pronunciation.

The analysis revealed that kutna means to go or to be followed, whereas the word for the same thing in a different language is kutu.

Dr d’Arcies findings are based on two Ladas, one in the west, one at the top of the mountain.

DrdArcy said: This is a very rare linguistic and cultural achievement in Ladakh.

It shows that the Lad culture has survived for more than 2,000 years.

The first language spoken in Ladak in the 19th century was the Kuri language.

The two languages have been spoken since that time.

“The Lad language is the most highly developed and widely used language in Ladagas,” Dr D’-Arcy explained.

“People in Ladas speak Ladakh as a mother tongue and it has a very strong social structure.”

He added that the language was more than just a language.

“Ladak is an autonomous language that was formed by the Lad family over many generations.

Dr D_Arcy added that it was an amazing achievement to find a language of such great complexity. “

It has a rich history, which explains its importance to Ladakh’s history.”

Dr D_Arcy added that it was an amazing achievement to find a language of such great complexity.

“I’m not talking about an ordinary language, it’s a complex language, but it’s also a very complicated language.”


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