Latin America’s language war: Nigeria, Chile learn to work together

Brazil and Chile are both home to around 30 million people, but their languages have different histories and their cultures are also distinct.

Brazil has been ruled by a monarchy since 1889, while Chile’s president is still a dictator.

Here’s what the two countries have in common: Both countries have a large indigenous population that has been fighting for a better standard of living.

And both countries are also facing economic woes.

“I’ve lived in Chile for 20 years and I’ve never felt this pressure to speak their language,” Nino, a 25-year-old English teacher from Chile, told Engadge.

“There’s always been a pressure from the government to educate their children.

They’re trying to do it on their own and I feel that I’m a part of that struggle.

I feel like I’m on the side of the people, the indigenous people.”

Nino also hopes to learn to speak the language of Chile, which has been struggling with poverty for years.

The country has been experiencing a rise in the number of cases of severe malnutrition, which the World Health Organization says has resulted in millions of deaths.

This is because the country’s population has become older and less able to meet basic needs, including food and sanitation.

To make matters worse, there is also a lack of education for children in the country.

The result?

A high prevalence of illiteracy in the language.

Nino says he’s been struggling to learn the language for the past five years.

He started by reading a book called The Language of the World by a Chilean academic.

“When I started, I was not very good, and I didn’t speak any words,” Ninos father said.

“The books I read had a lot of clichés and a lot that was too simple for me to understand.

But I was able to understand the book and I started to learn and learn and study.”

Ninos mother says she has to teach her son to read in order to be able to help him when he needs to learn a new word or a new way of writing.

“It’s difficult, because we are not bilingual,” Nines mother said.

She also wants her son, who is in his first year of school, to become a translator.

Ninos language struggle Nino’s father said he hopes that Nino will soon start learning the language that he’s already learned in his home country.

“If I can help Nino learn to read and write in Chile, then I will be a blessing for the whole family,” Nina said.

Nines family is also hoping that he will also start learning to write in his native language.

He said he also hopes that he’ll be able work with his family members and teachers to write an educational book in their own language.

“He needs to have a chance to study, and then learn from us and our family,” his father said of Nino.

“Because he has a Chilean mother and a Chilean father, he’s going to be better than me.”

For Nino and his father, Nino has the chance to change the language landscape in the region.

“This is what we’re trying for,” Nini said.

They also want to teach their children that the way they live and the way that they speak is not something that is solely dictated by the state.

“We want to bring the culture back to what it was like in the past,” Ninho said.

This story was produced by The Guardian, a nonprofit news organisation based in New York City.


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