What language do you know in Kenya?

By Danita K.

Kamilovic and Darryl E. Davis,Reuters/Bloomberg/Associated PressKenya is one of Africa’s most impoverished nations and one of the continent’s most politically unstable.

But despite its poverty, the country is a magnet for the world’s top programmers.

Here’s what you need to know about programming in Kenya.

What’s the biggest problem in Kenya now?

Kenya’s economy has been in free fall for years.

It is in debt and has struggled to maintain a semblance of growth since the 1990s.

And although the country has had a government that promises to improve its services, it has not delivered on its promises.

The country has not had a functioning parliament since the 1980s.

The economy has shrunk by more than 60% in the past five years.

A report released last year by the Kenya Technology Forum said Kenyans lack basic skills such as a basic understanding of business and the Internet, as well as the basic tools to get information and access government services.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many Kenyatta-based businesses are based overseas and are often reliant on outside investors.

What’s the reason behind the high cost of education?

Kenyatta’s education system has not kept pace with its development, with the rate of literacy declining and the number of students dropping by nearly half since the late 1990s, according to the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The IIE report said the country’s education sector is largely underfunded and has not improved over the past 10 years, which means Kenyattans are unable to acquire the skills needed to compete with foreign students and professionals.

Kenya has a lot of problems with corruption.

In 2011, a parliamentary investigation found that the government had failed to prosecute or punish corruption among government officials and civil servants.

But some critics say corruption is endemic in Kenya and that it hinders the country from developing its technological skills and economy.

Is there an official language for Kenyashas?

Kenyan-based software developers can learn English and French, or other regional languages, but only if they’re fluent in their respective languages.

That is often not possible for some Kenyadans, including those who work in the private sector, which is largely in English.

The government also restricts their access to government services in English, which makes learning more difficult.

In addition, some local languages are more popular than others.

For example, the language of Kenya is a mixture of Yoruba and Mbuti, which are spoken by many people.

There are also local languages such as Ndebele, Kikuyu and Kamba.

Is it legal to work in Kenya, and how much does it cost?

Kenanese salaries are lower than many other countries in Africa.

The median wage in the country was $2,150 a month in 2013, compared with $7,100 in Zimbabwe and $15,000 in South Africa.

However, some people earn as much as $25,000 a year in Kenya or more.

There are several different types of jobs, including salesmen, computer programmers, lawyers, doctors and teachers.

The number of jobs has been on the rise in recent years.

The average salary in Kenya is roughly $8,300 a month.

But many companies offer lower salaries in exchange for high-skilled workers.

The government has not introduced a minimum wage, but most people have a minimum of $500 a month to support their families.

The main problem with salaries is that many of them are paid in cash.

You can get $100 for an email, but you can’t get $500 for a job.

How do I find jobs?

Kenyonas jobs are relatively easy to find.

The country’s two main languages are English and Kiswahili, a combination of the two languages.

There’s also a local dialect called Somali.

There is a small number of foreigners who speak English, but they can’t speak it well.

The language has a great affinity for English and is also used in business.

What are the top jobs in Kenya right now?

Many people are drawn to jobs in the telecommunications industry, health and education.

They can get a lot out of these industries, which make up about 10% of the countrys economy.

But there are also many professionals who use technology to make a living.

There used to be a lot more tech workers in Kenya than now.

But the biggest job is still the one most people would choose: computer programmers.

Computer programming is an international profession, but the number is increasing every year.

There’s a strong demand for software developers in Kenya because of the government’s emphasis on making its schools and universities more competitive.

There have been a lot less computer science majors graduating in recent decades.

In order to secure the best talent, the government has created the Kenyanki Institute of Advanced Studies (KISAS) in Kibale, a city in Kenya’s northeast.

This institute focuses on computer


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