Why you should watch this video

The video is called The Last Days of the United States.

In the clip, we’re introduced to the U.S. and its various divisions: The War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and the War On Women.

Then, it’s time for a final look at the War in Afghanistan, and how that war has been waged for the past decade.

The video opens with a montage of scenes from a typical day in the U, with the main focus being the United Nations (UN) and its humanitarian work in the region.

In some cases, the footage includes clips of the U’s humanitarian missions abroad.

For example, a man holds up a picture of his daughter with the words “You’ll be so happy when you’re home,” and a girl with the message “You will never be forgotten.”

A look at U.N. refugee policyThis is a familiar scene: We’re in the United Kingdom, where a man walks in with a suitcase full of refugees.

He starts walking, as if he’s heading straight for his destination.

The camera cuts to a view of a refugee camp, and we see refugees sitting in a bus with blankets on their heads, with food on their plates.

It’s the first image that we see of the refugees that arrive in the country every year, after a long wait for asylum in the UK.

The next image, from a refugee campsite in Jordan, is also familiar.

We see a man holding a bundle of clothes on his shoulders, as he tries to cross a river in a boat.

The image also shows a refugee boy who has been rescued by a British aid worker.

He’s wearing a long-sleeved, dark blue jacket and jeans.

It looks like the man is heading towards the Uri-Alam camp, where he was living when he was rescued.

A few moments later, we see a woman with a bundle and a small child with a big bundle on her shoulders, also holding a child.

This is the scene from the camp in Jordan.

The girl is wearing a blue sweater and blue jeans.

The man in the blue jacket is standing next to her.

They’re holding a baby, who looks to be about 2 months old.

The last image is from the Uighur refugee camp in Turkey.

It shows a man carrying a small boy with a large bundle on his back, and a woman who is carrying her two-month-old daughter.

The woman’s hand is wrapped in a scarf, as she holds the baby.

This is the same scene we see from the campsite, in Turkey, and also in the refugee camps in Syria.

This scene is also used in a trailer for the film, but not in the trailer itself.

Here is the Uyghur refugee family from the first scene, and from the next two scenes, showing a man and a little girl in their home:The next scene shows a little boy and his mother in a refugee shelter.

In a way, the video reminds us of the video of the little girl who was rescued by British rescue workers in 2016.

The video shows a young Uyggur refugee woman, who is wearing jeans and a shirt.

In this picture, the little boy is standing at her side.

The caption says “This child is the one who saved my life.”

The next two images show two Uyighurs and a refugee family in a different refugee camp:These two images are from the same camp in Kazakhstan.

This image is taken from a camp in the city of Tashkent.

We’re shown a little man, wearing a green jacket, holding a suitcase and a baby in his arms.

The following image shows the Uygurs in their makeshift home in a makeshift refugee shelter in Kazakhstan, after their family was rescued from a boat:In a way it reminds us, in a way we are all part of this story, but it also reminds us that this story is not just about the people, but also about us, and about the Ugyur refugees, and that it’s not just our story, it is our story as well.

In a world where Uygur refugees are living in poverty, we have to remember that we are also refugees.

We have to see that the Uglyness of the world is not an issue only of our own history.

It is an issue of our history, and our future.

In order to be able to help others, we must remember that the problems we have in this world are our problems.

We must always be in solidarity with all the other peoples, not only Uygures, but with Uygure refugees, for the sake of our future, and to show the world that there is a better future than the one we live in now.

The Uyguras, a Muslim and a Christian, are the only ethnic group in Russia, and they are a group of people who have been persecuted


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