How to Use the ‘Armenian’ Language

An English-language Wikipedia article about the armenian is here.

The article contains a number of useful resources, such as the German translation of the book Armenianus (Armenius) and the Russian translation of The Life of Armenius.

The language is also a useful resource for learners interested in the German-speaking world.

The term “armen” (the Greek form of the word “army”) is also found in German, and the word armest (literally, “armament”) is used to refer to a large, well-armed army, or even a military institution.

The name “armendium” (Latin for “armored”) is from the Latin armata, meaning “armoured force.”

English-speakers have often used the term “armed” in reference to a force of the same type as a military organization.

Armies and armies in ancient Greece, Rome, and Rome’s colonies are often referred to as “armies.”

Ancient Greeks and Romans were also fond of the term armis.

Armis, a Greek term, means “arm” or “arm-bearing.”

It is derived from the root word armus, which meant “arm.”

Ancient Romans and Greeks also used the Latin term armatus, which means “strong, strong.”

The term armata is a combination of the Latin and Greek words armis and armatus.

It was a common name for the arm, a body part, or a weapon used for killing or for inflicting injuries.

The word armatus was used in reference both to the physical strength of the body and to the power of an individual’s body.

A military term for the armed force of an organization is a “armada.”

An army, often referred by its members as “the army,” or sometimes simply “the people,” is usually comprised of many smaller units of different units, usually in small groups, often led by a general.

A small, armed, but well-organized unit of a military power may be called an “armier,” or “armed brigade.”

Armies of a certain size may be grouped together in a “commander-in-chief,” or a “kingdom.”

In ancient Rome, the term emperor was used to describe a powerful leader, and in the same sense the term king was used for the ruler of a country.

In ancient Greek mythology, a king who ruled a country was called a king of the arm.

A king of Rome was called an armate.

When Rome was conquered by the Greeks, the Romans were called the armens.

A famous example of the use of the terms armens and armate was the war between the Romans and the Greeks.

The Greek armates were in the Greek city of Troy, which was under Roman control.

They attacked and captured the city, and then captured the Athenian capital, Syracuse.

The Greeks fought a decisive battle, and after that, Rome was in their hands.

When the Romans left Troy, the Greek armes returned to their country.

When Alexander the Great invaded Egypt, the armentes were there, waiting for him.

When he left for Persia, the army of the Persian king was in the arm of the Roman army.

Alexander invaded India, and at the battle of Gaugamela, he received the body of a Roman soldier.

In the Battle of Salamis, the British army attacked and besieged the Persian city of Aswan, and when the Romans fled for their lives, the Persian army had the body parts of several Roman soldiers in their possession.

After the Battle, the Roman arms were left to the Athenians.

The Armenians were one of the Greek colonies that had been conquered by Alexander, and they were called “armentes.”

The Greeks, like the Romans, were not able to conquer all the peoples of the ancient world, but they managed to dominate a large number of them.

As such, the Greeks used the word arms to refer both to their army and to their own nation.

The Romans also used armentos, or “the military strength of their nation.”

Armentos (or armi), is an English word for “military strength.”

It can also refer to the strength of a state, as when “the Roman army was in its power.”

The Romans referred to the Roman people as “a military people.”

It was the Romans who conquered the peoples, especially the peoples who lived in Greece, who were referred to in the Latin terms “armens.”

The Roman Empire was ruled by the emperor Tiberius (later emperor Taurus) from 65 to 65 AD.

The emperor was born in the Roman city of Cappadocia, which is about three hours from Athens.

In his youth, Tibericus studied at the university of Rome, which taught him Latin, and he studied law and theology.

He was sent to Rome as a senator, but when he arrived in the


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