When I speak with my parents, they ask: ‘Why did you leave?'”

The young woman, who did not wish to be named, told the newspaper: “They said my mother was sick.

I had no money.

I was scared.

I felt like I was leaving my family and my country, but I didn’t.

They gave me an opportunity to stay in the U.S., but it wasn’t right.

I thought that the U,A.E., would be a better place to live, so I decided to go.”

The woman, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, said she spent four months in Costa Rica before arriving in Miami.

She was reunited with her mother in the Dominican Republic and then in Florida.

“The U.A.

Es. were so nice and they offered me a better life,” she said.

“I could live in the city, the university, I could work.”

The young mother said she was inspired by her mother’s experience.

“It was like a dream come true,” she told the paper.

“After four months, I came back home.

I’m happy, I’m living normal life, and I’m proud of my life.”

In the past, the young woman said she and her family had trouble adjusting to life in Miami because she didn’t speak the language.

“For the first two months I didn- the only time we spoke, it was through interpreters,” she explained.

“But I found it really fun and it’s not that hard to understand.”

A report by the UNAIDS in January 2016, which included interviews with more than 20 young migrants, concluded that there was “no evidence that there is a link between language barriers and migration from Central America to the United States, nor that language barriers are a significant risk factor for human rights abuses.”

However, the report also found that the number of unaccompanied minors arriving in the United Sates has increased over the past decade, with over 3,000 unaccompanied minors in 2014 alone.


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