What is the Pakistani language?

With a huge population of Pakistani speakers and a long history of speaking in different languages, the Pakistan language is one of the world’s most diverse.

It is spoken by nearly 40 million people in Pakistan, including in the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and North Waziristan.

With a wide variety of languages, including the languages of the Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khorasan and Baloch, the language is a common part of Pakistani society.

Pakistani languages have also been spoken in India, where the language was used for thousands of years, and by people in India as well.

The word “pakistani” was originally used in India to describe a place, which could be divided into two parts: the central and the remote areas.

The central area, which includes Pakistan, was ruled by the Mughal rulers of the 17th and 18th centuries.

At the time of the British occupation of India in the early 19th century, the Mghals were the dominant people in the region.

Many of the Muffalas, who ruled over the area at the time, were also the rulers of India, and the Muggas, the dominant peoples of Kashmir, were not considered Mughals.

In fact, Kashmir was ruled jointly by the British and Mughils until independence in 1947.

The Mughil Empire was split into three distinct sections, with the north and south parts ruled by different rulers: the Muzzats, who were ruled by Maharaja Jawaharlal Nehru and his brother, Nawab, and were ruled jointly.

Later, the British also came to the north of the region and took over the territory, and they were renamed the British Raj.

The Mughales, who still ruled the south, were ruled under the British rulers.

During the British rule, the region was divided into various states, which were ruled separately under the rulers.

The northern parts, where Pakistan is located, were called Jammu and Kashmir, while the south was known as the Punjab.

The term “pakistan” was first used to describe the region of Pakistan in 1874.

The area in the northwest and south of the country was divided by the Punjab into five parts, called the Punjab Cantons.

For centuries, the term “Pakistan” referred to the area in these five parts.

Today, it is a widely spoken and widely spoken language, with a majority of speakers in Pakistan.

The language has been spoken since ancient times, when people travelled in caravan to the northern parts of the kingdom, and then on to the south and west.

The most famous of the people who spoke the language were the Mummys of the 15th century.

The name “Pakistani” is also used in various countries and regions in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

It was a name given to the region by the Arabs in the 1540s and later by the Europeans in the 18th century in the context of the Arab-Islamic War.

Pakistani is spoken in Pakistan by over 20 million people.

In fact the largest number of people are Muslims, who number around one million people and are mostly from the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula.

However, the country has also had a sizeable Muslim minority who are from the north-east and who speak the languages spoken by the Baloch and the Jain communities.


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