Gullah language family, family traditions, language family traditions: Babbel family

By JIM ROSEBECKA, Associated Press GULAGAN, Dagestan (AP) Gullahs have long been a part of Dagestani society, even as the region has seen a surge in immigrants and their children, many of them educated in the U.S. and other Western nations.

The families have been at the heart of their traditions for generations.

Gullah is the lingua franca of the region, and its names are known throughout the region and abroad.

It means “family” in English, and the clan of the Gullah has been known for generations as the family of the Dagestans.

Their names have become synonymous with a place and people in the region.

Guls are the first people to learn the word for the people of Dagistan, the Russian word for Dagestanian, when they were taught to speak it in school.

They are the only ethnic group in the Russian Federation to have been taught this language.

They also form a core part of the history of the state.

“The family of Dagstan has always been a very important part of our history,” said Gullah leader Abdul-Karim Abdul Hamid.

“If they were not a part, the story would not be told.”

Abdul Hami, 70, said the Guls have become the state’s second language, after Russian.

“This is what they were raised with,” he said.

“They have been the guardians of the nation.

They have lived there for generations.”

The state has been using its Gullah languages for decades.

It has been in the process of changing them from Russian to the traditional dialects of the Ural and Turkic languages since the 1990s.

The official name for the language family is the “Languages of the Family.”

In Dagestanic, the name is written as “Gulag.”

The Guls’ culture is deeply rooted in the traditional language family.

They use the same word for their language, called the language.

Abdul-Khalili, a local businessman, said his family learned the language through the Gulag family and that his father used to call him “Khalil.”

The family had a long tradition of learning languages from their father, said Abdul-Hami.

“We are from the same family, so the family has a tradition of teaching our language,” he added.

“When we were young, my father used not to speak, but he would say, ‘I like to teach you, how to pronounce that word, Gullah,’ so that I could speak it.”

Gullah names have been written on buildings in the city, including a statue of the first governor of the province, Bilal Khan Bakhsh.

Abdul Hamih said the name Gullah was written in Gullah on a building in the district of Bursa, which is home to more than 1 million people.

He said the official name is not a problem.

“For a long time, we have not been allowed to have our own name, but when the governor started using it, we decided to change it,” he told the AP.

The state’s Gullah administration has long used its traditional dialect as its official name, even though the region is still far from being fully bilingual.

The language is known throughout Dagestanism and the Russian-speaking parts of Russia.

“Our language is our religion, our language is where we live, our way of life, and we don’t want to change that,” said Hamid, who has been speaking the language for nearly 20 years.

Abdul Khalili said the Dagstani Gullah and the other language families have a deep bond and a deep history.

“Gullah is not just the language that people use, but it’s the language of their history,” he explained.

The Gullah have always lived in harmony with their local community.

“It’s not about the state changing our name.

We have been here for centuries, we are a part the family, and it’s not just our name that’s important, it’s how we live,” he noted.

The name of the language, Gulas, is used in many places throughout the country and is also used in the province of Ust-Luga.

Abdul Karim Abdul-Lamir, who teaches a course in traditional Russian, said Dagstans have long used their own language to describe their own region and their history.

In Ustlyan, a town in the south of the country, Abdul-Halim Abdul Latif is a master at the traditional Russian language.

He spoke the language as a child.

“I learned the name from my father, and when I was older I knew the name, and I called myself from that name,” he recalled.

He uses the Gulum language for everyday tasks, like greeting people at the supermarket, and also uses the language to help his clients find jobs and


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